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‘Brazen’ follows the story of famous crime fiction writer Grace Miller who teams up with Detective Ed Jennings to solve the murder of her sister. The murder mystery movie is directed by Monika Mitchell and focuses on Grace using her experience as a writer to catch the culprit.

Grace Miller is a fictional character who is the protagonist of the film ‘Brazen.’ When viewers first meet Grace, she is performing a reading of her latest best-selling novel. The novel is titled ‘Brazen Virtue.’ The film is an adaptation of author Nora Roberts’ novel of the same name. Eleanor Marie Robertson, better known by her pen name Nora Roberts is a New York Times best-selling writer known for her works in the crime and romance genre. The title of the book written by Grace is the same as the actual novel penned by Roberts. However, the content of Grace’s story is slightly different and focuses on a woman named Sarah Bowman. The real book, first published in 1988, follows author Grace McCabe, and its narrative is similar to the film’s plot.

brazen fantasy inc
brazen fantasy inc

In the movie, Kathleen works as Desiree for the adult webcamming website known as Fantasy Inc. The website provides its clients with virtual and sexually explicit experiences with their performers. The website is accessible in numerous countries and keeps the interactions between clients and performers completely anonymous. The website and its services are also legal in most countries.